Attracting the right mate is part science, part art and largely visual. Jelinno helps daters and relationship seekers present the right version of their professional and social selves in online dating photography that gets the right attention. Whether you are on Elite Singles, JDate,, Bumble, eHarmony, or planning on working with a professional matchmaker to find love, we work with you to craft an image (or series of images) designed to show your personality to your match. Are you professionally driven and family minded? A witty, flirty, creative type with a penchant for obscure museums, concerts and restaurants? Maybe you’re a weekend daredevil bungee jumper looking for your partner in extreme sports and romance. Perhaps you’re the quiet romantic looking for that special long term relationship consisting of nights at home and impromptu 3-day getaways to quaint and historic Hudson, New York.

We’ll delve deep and bring out your essence. The pre-photo session will uncover style, personality, what you are looking to attract and the message you wish to share about yourself. We’ll create photos of you that speak to who you are and what you appreciate. You’ll have professional profile photos to use online, with a matchmaking service and most importantly for yourself.

Enjoy a complimentary phone consultation. Let’s discuss your online profile photos and your bio too. (646) 504-0136.